Namaste Chicago joins Logan Square to offer the Indian-Nepalese taste

October 3, 2019
A dish from Namaste Chicago's menu. Photo from

The newest Indian-Nepalese fusion restaurant “Namaste Chicago” opened last September 8 to give you the Asian cuisine experience that you haven’t tasted before!

Namaste Chicago was established by owners Khagendra Ghimire, Manoj Nepali, Bhishma Thaipliya and another who happens to manage Dunkin Donuts. 

Ghimire works as a taxi Driver in Chicago for eight years until he met Nepali and Thaipliya who has been cooking Indian and Nepalese food for almost 20 years. Both of them have worked together in restaurants at Chicago such as Curry House and Nepal House among others.

Three of the four partners of Namaste Chicago. Photo from Block Club Chicago.

Namaste Chicago “focuses on producing delicious and healthy food using originals and fresh ingredients which can be found in the highlands of India and the hilly regions of its neighboring countries,” according to the restaurant’s site. 

In an interview with Block Club Chicago, Ghimeri highlighted that they would like to modify the traditional food to tailor-fit to their surroundings. “Let’s say you don’t like spicy, we can match your spice level,” he added.

The restaurant is named after the Hindu greeting “Namaste” meaning “hello.” The owners want to make their customers feel welcome and imbibe the Indian culture. 

Located at 2515 N. California Ave., taste the Namaste Chicago dishes to keep you energetic and fit “avoiding junk ingredients and artificial colouring.”

For inquiries, you can contact +1 773 276 7330 or You can also visit their website at

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