Activating Heritage 2020


Illinois Holocaust Museum & Education Center

(9603 Woods Dr, Skokie, Illinois 60077)


February 17, 2020
8:30 pm
5:30 pm

The Chicago Cultural Alliance’s Activating Heritage conference theme…“From One Generation to the Next” will provide exciting hands on opportunities for your institution to learn how cultural representation in the City of Chicago can be highlighted and enriched to ensure that our diverse voices are never lost.

As we navigate the many challenges of Chicago’s urban community: gentrification, inequitable economic development, and inaccessible public education, we firmly believe that these challenges cannot be addressed without diverse cultural community stakeholders like yourself at the table!

Today, we are inspired by the growth of youth advocates sharing their voices on social change in the United States. Together, the Alliance and its core members are actively exploring ways to elevate the voices of youth in their communities to uplift our next generation of Cultural Allies.

Activating Heritage will be a space for cultural heritage board members, directors, staff, and volunteers to come together to explore how to strategically position their organizations to be responsive community advocates to address the challenges that face growing cities across the United States. Together with you, the Alliance will work to explore how to effectively focus on engaging our youth to be future leaders and spokespeople for their community. Join us as we focus on the timely and critical topic of inaccessible public education.

At the conference, we will bring together Core & Partner Members, cultural heritage professionals, educators, and artists to examine ways to strengthen cultural understanding through shifts in standard educational structures. This work is no small feat and requires strong, sustainable partnerships among community leaders that represent the vibrant cultural landscape of Chicago.

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