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Gene Siskel Film Center of the School of the Art Institute of Chicago

164 N State St, Chicago, Illinois 60601


April 17, 2019
8:15 pm
10:00 pm

The 24th Annual Asian American Showcase presents the closing night feature film:


2018 | Narrative, Drama/Romance | 85 min | English, Korean with Subtitles

Directed by Bobby Choy, Steve Lee

Bobby Choy (playing himself), a Korean American residing in New York City, who feels like a stranger in the country he was born in. After his father's death, he starts writing sad songs. Bobby's friend Billy (Todd Goble), the lead singer of the band Paper Kings, offers him a job as a roadie for the band's upcoming tour, which includes a stop in Seoul, South Korea.  There he meets Ina (Hwa-Young Im), a young women who performs for fun and is in currently attending grad school.  

빅 포니 Big Phony

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