How to Increase Your Charisma Quotient?


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June 25, 2020
5:30 pm
6:30 pm

We have always been told that charismatic and attractive people are just "naturally born" that way...what if that isn't true?

Backed by Science, there are actually actionable steps we can all take to become more authentically captivating, persuasive and memorable.

This leads to a more fulfilling life, more meaningful relationships and greater success in what we choose to pursue - no one will ever be perfect, but we can be the BEST VERSION of ourselves!

About Our Speaker:
Sophie Williams, Founder & President of WORLD IMAGE CONSULTING (WIC)

As an international Image Consultant, Sophie works with multinational corporations, startups and individuals on cultivating the best image, professionally and socially.

Through sharing knowledge and insights on Communication, Personal Branding, Leadership, Cultural Etiquette & Sensitivity - Sophie helps clients from all over the world to attain success in different areas of their lives.

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