NPO Mori-Umi & Miharu Shirahata Exhibition at Ginza Holiday


Midwest Buddhist Temple - Ginza Festival

435 W Menomonee St, Chicago, Illinois 60614


August 9, 2019
12:00 pm
9:00 pm

One of our community member artist, Hanko-Illustrator, Mihara Shirahata will show her artworks convo with her contributing Japanese NPO, Mori wa Umi no Koibito in the Ginza Holiday, Japanese festival.

About exhibition:
About NPO:

The event provide following special programs, so please get involved in any level you find fun:

1) Become a volunteer
Volunteers will be provided admission, lunch and NPO original T-shirts as a very special thank you gift.
Please DM to sign up. This is great opportunity to learn about a leading Japanese organization for the environmental protection.

2) Send message from the exhibition booth
Write down your heart felt message for the NPO's diligence in the field and give them nice smile in the photo. The first 20 participants will receive NPO's 30th anniversary memorial photo book as a very special thank you gift.

3) Join the Poll
Vote for the favorite image of Hanko-Illustration made by Miharu.

4) Shop and donate
Our community raised and donated $345 since November, 2016.
Post cards $2 ea are always donated 100% to the NPO from our community, and the square frame artworks's profit is donated 100% from Miharu.
This time, the photo panels (not for sale) will be the 100% donation item. They have been taken by well known local photographer, Kiyotaka Shishido, Shigeyasu Fujino and others for years.

5) Come and learn
Never heard about the NPO nor Miharu? No problem, this is going to be an exciting discovery. We are presenting plenty of educational material. Please stop by and pick up some.

Note about event schedule;
Gates are open to the public from 5:30pm. Noon start is only for whom signed up for our volunteers.

Note about event fee;
Please donate $5 (adults, seniors, and students) for the Ginza Holiday on entry. Children under 12 admitted free when accompanied by an adult.

More info about Ginza Holiday:

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