Perspectives on Virtual Learning: New Developments, Current Obstacles, and the Future of Online Educating


WeWork  , 625 W Adams St , 19th Floor , Chicago, IL 60661 , United States


July 21, 2020
12:00 pm
MALA (Muslim American Leadership Alliance), is hosting a virtual discussion!
Hosted by a diverse group of panelists, Perspectives on Virtual Learning will focus on new developments, current obstacles, and the future of online educating.

In recent months, millions of students have madethe transition from classroom learning to virtual education as a result of theCOVID-19 Pandemic. This transition has brought about a multitude of newperspectives, benefits, and challenges associated with online learning. In anattempt to interrogate some of the key issues surrounding virtual learning,this panel will convene educators, tech experts, and parents to discuss theirexperiences. Panelists will share their own personal perspectives, and takepart in a conversation that asks:

- What are the current benefits and challenges of virtual learning?

- How does virtual learning affect the way we approach learning at differentlevels/subjects?

- How has the role of parenting changed with the transition to virtuallearning.

- How has the role of educators changed?
What is the future of virtual learning?


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Lakhi Siap

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