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Advertise with US or the 80+ Asian American Media Partners in our network! Not only do we offer Ads on our website, newsletter and social media but we also serve as a media connector and are partnered with over 80 other Asian media outlets in tv, print, radio and digital formats.
Capture the fastest growing minority group with the highest household income. The Asian American Community.
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/ month
1 FULLSIZE BANNER (1440x128px)
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1 sidebar banner (320x400px)
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$1,500 - $2,500
50K List
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Market Size

Population: 22.6 Million ( U.S. Only)
House-hold Income: 54% More Likely to have Household income above $100K
Average Lifespan: 87. Longer lifespan than any other demographic
Buying power in the US as of 2018: $1 Trillion

Audience Traits

College Educated
Brand Loyal
Early Adopters
Connectors and Influencers
Luxury Shoppers and Travelers
Food and Tech Lovers
Investors and Backers

Website Statistics

25K Average Monthly Page View
15K Average Monthly unique page visitors

Social Media (Facebook, Twitter and Instagram)

10K Combined Social Media Followers
65% Average Monthly social media engagement
45K Average Monthly reach on Social Media

Others (Newsletter, Events, Promotional Partners)

50K+ Email  Subscribers
20+ Monthly Events
80+ Local Community Partners

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