McDonald's "Year of the Dragon" Tote Bag Art Content

In celebration of this month’s AAPI Heritage Month, McDonald's wants to give the community a chance to showcase some of its talents. Open to all Chicago Based Artists, come and join the Year of the Dragon Art Contest!

Ravi Baichwal Honors The Truth in Storytelling

In today’s panorama where current events are so often fed to the public in various ways, we often question the credibility of some of the information we consume on a daily basis. Meet ABC Chicago’s Emmy-winning news anchor and reporter Ravi Baichwal, an Emmy award-winning trailblazer when it comes to seeking the truth and delivering accurate news to the public.

From Adversity to Advocacy: The Public Service of Huynh and Duckworth

Illinois State Representative Hoan Huynh and U.S. Senator Tammy Duckworth have dedicated their careers to public service, amplifying underrepresented voices shaped by their experiences as minorities and refugees. Huynh, a Vietnam War refugee, focuses on healthcare, housing, and human rights, addressing inequities in his district. Duckworth, a veteran who lost her legs in Iraq, advocates for military families, aviation safety, and environmental justice, emphasizing proper representation. Their work underscores the importance of inclusivity in legislation, inspiring future public servants to champion diverse perspectives for a more equitable society.

In the Blood: Eric Horng's Path Inspired by His 'News Junkie' Dad 

Read how Eric Horng's journey to the newsroom, inspired by his father's passion for news, becomes a testament to the enduring power of journalism.

Journalism 101 by Judy Hsu: What It Takes to be a Voice of Truth, Accuracy, and Objectivity

Here are five lessons that gleaned from the extraordinary life of Judy Hsu–offering invaluable insight to anyone who aspires to be a voice of truth, accuracy, and objectivity.

Out of the Shadows: The Bill Imada Top 50 Unsung Heroes of 2024

During Asian Pacific American Heritage Month, the Asian Hustle Network holds the Bill Imada Top 50 Unsung Heroes of 2024, including Lakhi Siap, Co-Founder of the Chicago Asian Network. Inspired by Bill Imada's commitment to giving back, Lakhi emphasizes resilience and collective action in empowering the AAPI community. As these unsung heroes are celebrated, their stories serve as a reminder of the power of solidarity and the legacy of positive change.

Unfiltered Laughter: Sugar Sammy's Comedy Odyssey

Sugar Sammy, a Montreal-born comedian with Indian roots, has built a global comedic empire over 25 years, drawing from his multicultural upbringing and influences like Eddie Murphy. With a bilingual show breaking records in Quebec, he fearlessly addresses taboo topics while adapting his material to connect with diverse audiences worldwide. Now touring the US, Sammy offers a fresh comedic perspective, believing laughter unites us beyond borders.

Monica Eng: Narratives of Truths and Taste

Learn more about Monica Eng, whose many stories, both existing and yet to be published, has positioned acceptance and positivity as her indelible mark in Chicago’s papers. 

Finding Home in Stories: Cate Cauguiran's Journalism Journey

Learn the story of Cate Cauguiran, a daughter of Filipino immigrants and a U.S. Navy veteran, whose life has been a tapestry woven from threads of resilience and cultural exploration.

Building Bridges: Rep. Olickal's Promise for Inclusive Governance

Rooted in a commitment to equity and guided by personal experiences, Rep. Olickal supports immigrant families and addresses multifaceted issues in his district, ranging from healthcare to social justice. Through his role and advocacy, he continues to champion a vision of a thriving, inclusive society where diversity is celebrated and voices are heard.

From Headlines to Food Lines: Eater Chicago's Ashok Selvam Flavorful Trek

Ashok Selvam's foray into food journalism is a tale of unexpected twists. Transitioning from political campaigns and healthcare reporting to the culinary beat, Selvam found his niche in Chicago's diverse gastronomic scene, now serving as the Editor of Eater Chicago.