The AACC, founded in 1983, is represented by over 16 Asian American communities. Each of these communities enrich the city of Chicago and beyond, with the vibrant colors of their culture, traditions, languages and talents. Individually, each community is significant; and together, they are a force empowering all Asian Americans with equal opportunities in government, education, economic development and international affairs. This year’s host, the Pakistani American Community, is inspired by AACC’s tradition of celebrating and dignifying individual ethnic identity, while fostering a greater culture of cooperation and unity.  Like a kaleidoscope, we are most magnificent when our colors unite —illustrating the beauty in working together. In this spirit, this year’s 34th annual gala themed "One world, Our world" offers an evening of entertainment, dinner, awards and colorful harmony. Our strength is in being one world. When we work together for justice, inclusiveness and empowerment, we enhance our world.

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August 21, 2020

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