In 2020, the Asian American Executive Network conducted 12 online webinars with over 1,200 participants from across the nation. They would like to take this opportunity to express their sincere appreciation for our collaborating partners, co-hosts, speakers, and all the participants.

Proposed Agenda:

Welcoming remarks and introduction of co-hosts:

  1. AAEN - Chicago
  2. AAEN - Dallas
  3. AAEN - Las Vegas
  4. AAEN - Shanghai
  5. AAEN - Silicon Valley
  6. AAEN - more on the way...

VIP greeting videos

Collaborating Partners greeting vidoes

Holiday Entertainment

Small group networking - facilitate by AAEN co-hosts

Toast to the end of 2020 and cheer for the coming of 2021...

Co-Host - Aurora Austriaco

Co-Host - Marisa Buchheit

Co-host - Jovie Calma

Co-host - Guoxing Chai

Billy Dec

Co-host Dr. Karen Eng

Co-host - Jan-Ie Low

Co-host - Hongxia Mary Ma

Co-host - George Mui

Co-host - Cathy Peng

Co-host - Maria Racho

Albert K. Shen

Co-host - Lakhi Siap

Co-host - Anson Wu

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May 7, 2021

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