This will be the first installment of Kaiseki at Macku, it will get crazier and crazier!

Off the Menu has been invited to receive a culinary experience by Chef Macku.  He will be preparing a Omakase meal in more of a Kaiseki form.  In additional to some of the favorite dishes everyone already loves, Chef Macku will be bringing seasonal items that aren't the menu and preparing them in unbelievable ways.  Chef Macku is keeping a secret on what the season items will be, but from previous experience I have had: White Asparagus from France, juicy river crabs you eat in one bit, liver from monkfish also called foie gras of the sea, to fresh needlefish.  Each dish is meticulously prepared and presented beautifully that are beyond Instagram worthy.

There is also a full drink menu that can be ordered al la carte, some great sakes and wines that would pair well to Chicago's largest Japanese Whisky collection!

So “fresh” are the “mind-blowing sashimi”, “inventive sushi” and “amazing specials” at this “pricey but worth it” Lincoln Park Japanese that patrons wonder if there's “a fish market in the backyard”; “attentive” servers and a “trendy” yet “inviting” modern space also earn admiration from those who “cannot say enough” about it.

Meter parking available on the street, and free street parking around the corner.

Tax and Tip are included in General Ticket Price.

For more pictures, check out his Instagram page and news articles.


Macku Sushi

2239 North Clybourn Avenue

Chicago, IL 60614

More Info (External Link)
August 24, 2020

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