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A look at the historical political demographics of Filipino Americans and why some are switching party lines in 2020

The 2020 U.S. presidential election is just weeks away. Are there friends and loved ones with whom you ideologically clash when it comes to politics? Millions of undecided voters remain, but change seems to be afoot.

We'll speak to two Filipino American voters. For decades they have been loyal to one political party. One of them is switching sides. The move reflects what surveys are seeing in recent trends, where Asian American political preferences have flipped from red to blue.

We’ll talk to Marie Cunning, a business owner and lifelong Republican from Arizona who attends Trump rallies and maintains active participation among Arizona Republican groups. Since 2016, Marie has seen and heard all of the criticism against Donald Trump. Despite that, she remains a loyal supporter of the president and says she’s voting for him.

Then, there’s Nelson Garcia from Virginia—also a business owner and lifelong Republican. He's  worked as a staff member for three Republican legislators in California where he was raised and, in 1992, served as a California delegate to the Republican Convention. Lately, something has changed. Nelson Garcia says he is voting for Joe Biden.

Learn the voting history of Filipino Americans, who they supported and, most importantly, their reasons for voting along certain party lines.


Rose Tibayan is a veteran broadcast journalist. She believes that we can overcome disagreements, learn new things, and make the world a better place by listening and talking to one another.


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October 25, 2020

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