In celebration of Chuseok, The Korean Cultural Center of Chicago will hold a special ‘Hangawi’ event on Saturday, September 18th. At the event, there will be a demonstration of Charye service (honoring our deceased ancestors through offerings and service) to provide the insight to how it is done. There will also be traditional games for Hangawi, songpyeun (rice cake) making and kite making.

Hangawi (Korean Thanksgiving Day) Celebration - A Holiday for Giving Thanks

In the word, Hangawi, "Han" means to be “big” and “gawi” means to be in the middle of Autumn, therefore a big day in the middle of Autumn. Although same, the word Hangawi is pure Korean, where as, the word Chuseok derived from Chinese character (Autumn 'Chu' and Evening 'seok').

In accordance with the state's COVID guidelines, the event will be held in accordance with the safety rules with 100 attendees through pre-registration.

Admission Fee: $10 per person

Hangawi Programs

1. Information Session

2. Charye Station - 차례지내기

3. Hangawi Food: Songpyun Making - 송편만들기

4. Hangawi Games and Activities:

  • Korean Kite Making 연 만들기
  • Samunori - 길놀이
  • Yutnori - 윷놀이
  • Gang-gang-Sullae - 강강술래
		2021 Hangawi Celebration image

Also, KCCoC, in partnership with Buffalo Grove’s Raupp Museum, is preparing a joint exhibition on the theme of harvest holidays. It will explore the celebration of the
Thanksgiving holiday in the US and the Chuseok holiday, ‘Hangawi’ in Korea, to show the differences and the similarities in traditions and foods. The exhibition will be held at the Raupp Museum beginning September 13 through the Thanksgiving holiday. The opening reception will be on September 25 with a demonstration of the traditional cultural celebration of Chuseok of Korea.

Exhibition Dates: September 13-November 24
Location: Raupp Museum (901 Dunham Ln., Buffalo Grove)
Opening reception: September 25 at 1pm
Pre-registration: Open to everyone
Inquiries: (847) 947-4460

More Info (External Link)
September 20, 2021

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