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How This Dallas Business Misrepresented Mahjong

The Mahjong Line came under heat for selling a rebranded look version of the Mahjong tile sets for a price range of $300-$425 dollars. Mahjong is a highly popularized game that originated from China and was made popular in the United States during the 1920s. Though, recently, the company's founders have adversely popularized it.

FYLPRO’s New President Aims to Step Up The Game

Incoming FLYPRO's President, Louella Cabalona, shares her success story and how the organization overcomes challenges throughout the years.

START-UP: An Impressive K-Drama For The Budding Entrepreneur In All Of Us

Start-Up is all about one’s journey in building their own company from scratch but it goes a bit deeper than that. Find out a couple of things that we find impressive about the series to give you a quick view of what makes it interesting to watch!