Asian American Unity Coalition (AAUC) presents the 2021 National Civic Leadership Forum (2021 NCLF) on September 24 (4-7PM CST) and September 25 (10AM–5:30PM CST). With the theme “AAPI: The Power of Unity,” this conference brings together keynote speeches and panel discussions from bipartisan political leaders, community activists, and promising young leaders.

Sponsored by the Civic Leadership USA (CLUSA), the 2021 NCLF virtual community platform is built on grassroots, bottom-up submissions of ideas and proposals. The ownership of the 2021 NCLF platform belongs to our diverse multicultural groups covering seven or more ethnicities that provided the content and delivery of the event sessions.

Catch these messages from AAUC President SK Lo and CLUSA Chairman Sandy Chau about the conference.

Last year’s NCLF was attended by 750 participants from over 130 organizations. The attendees represent a well-balanced profile as it includes more than 18 ethnic groups with above 40% being under 40 years of age. The event is not only a learning opportunity from live and pre-recorded sessions of prominent speakers, but also an occasion to network with leaders from multicultural ethnic groups through chat rooms.

This conference is free and for all. Know more about the event here and register now!

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September 28, 2021

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