Sugar Sammy is ready to invade Chicago with his unfiltered view of where the world is at today!

Chicago shows will happen at ZANIES Comedy Night Club (1548 N Wells St.) on March 23 & 24, 8PM (doors open at 7pm). He will also have a Rosemont leg on March 25 & 26 at ZANIES Comedy Night Club 5437 Park Pl. 

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When it comes to heavy hitters in comedy, Sugar Sammy is a powerhouse. He’s conquered the rest of the territories and now he’s coming for the US! Sugar Sammy is an international phenomenon, a TV star in both Canada and France – he stars in the French version of America’s Got Talent (La France a un incroyable talent) as the sassy 4th judge, reaching 3.5 – 4.2 million viewers per week. He’s won Comedian of the Year accolades in both France and Canada. And he’s a growing force on the internet, with over 1 million followers on his social media platforms. He’s a master at interacting with his fans and his Improv Moments, exchanging comments with the audience, are YouTube gold, with 25 million views alone logged on his banter with a group of “Karens” at his show. As an outsider looking in, Sugar Sammy isn’t afraid to offend with his honest assessment of where the US is at on the world stage. Politically incorrect? Maybe. He leaps right into the cultural divide to hit on cultural, social and political themes with a combination of charm and finesse that allows him to push the envelope a little farther than most. 

Make sure to catch his US tours on the following dates and places!

Boca Raton – March 3 

Lake Park, FL – March 4 

Houston – March 11-12 

Dallas– March 18-19

Chicago – March 23 – 24 

Rosemont – March 25-26 

Washington DC – March 31- April 2 

San Francisco – April 6-9 

Sacramento – April 14-16 

Nashville – May 19 

Atlanta – May 20-21 

Seattle – 27 & 28 

San Diego – June 23 

Los Angeles – June 24 

Phoenix – June 25 & 26 

New York – July 7-9

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April 12, 2022

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