When: Friday, September 22 · 9:30am - 12pm CDT

Film Name: Inside Job

Director: Kiana Rawji

Language: English, Swahili, Gujarati

Run Time: 24

Cast: Zahra Moloo, Benson Ochungo, Mayssam Zahiba

Country: Shot in Kenya, Funded by United States Sources, filmmaker from Canada / Canadian citizen.

Synopsis: When preparing to leave her home in 1970s Nairobi, an Indian housewife loses a piece of jewelry and suspects one of her African domestic servants stole it. She is determined to find out who did it; in the process, deeper fears and resentments surface, revealing a vicious cycle of interracial mistrust and betrayal.



Showplace Icon Theaters & Kitchen at Roosevelt Collection

1011 South Delano Court Chicago, IL 60605

More Info (External Link)
September 24, 2023

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