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Film Name: Buelwa- An Offering

Director: Charmi Chheda

Language: Dzongkha

Run Time: 91

Cast: Tahering Phuntsho, Phuntshok Dondhen, Jurmey CR, Jamyang Tempa

Country: Bhutan

Synopsis: The film is about a traditional and strict Khenpo Tempa, being sent out of the monastery by the Head Lama (Lopen Rinpoche) in order to work with the youth. Khenpo Tempa’s life, entangles with the life of three young people, Kelzang Drakpa, Tashi Pelzom and Gawa Dorji. Khenpo Tempa becomes a prime witness in a case of drug overdose and through which becomes a catalyst of change in the lives of young people, while going through a change within himself. While Kelzang Drakpa is a footballer, dealing with childhood trauma, Tashi Pelzom is a beautiful singer but upset with life events and hence a non believer. On the other hand, Gawa Dorji along with his best friend Kencho Dorji (both De-ssups- Nation service/ kings training program) are developing a Robot idea after finishing their Skilling program course in Robotics and Automation.

On a Quest with Jaswant

Film Name: On A Quest: with Jaswant (Exploring Portugal)

Director: Jaswant Dev Shrestha

Language: English

Run Time: 26

Cast: Jaswant Dev Shrestha (Host/Narrator)

Country: USA

Synopsis: ON A QUEST with Jaswant is told from a filmmaker's perspective exploring beautiful countries, cities, small towns, and remote villages to learn and document untold stories, history, hidden wonders, arts, culture, food, people, and places


Film Name: Garudas

Director: Arjun Pothuri

Language: English

Run Time: 10

Country: USA

Synopsis: After accidentally becoming the caretaker of a robin’s egg, I reach out to my grandmother for guidance. As we await the fate of the fragile, pale blue egg, we call from across the world to birdwatch together—a meditation on nature, nurture, and letting go.


Film Name: Butterscotch

Director: Mayank Deogaonkar

Language: English

Run Time: 14

Cast: Shriswara, Mahek

Country: United States

Synopsis: "Butterscotch" narrates a tale of acceptance through the experiences of Dr. Maya Sharma, a single mother and physician. Maya envisions a predetermined path for her daughter, Dia Sharma, involving medical school and mirroring her own profession. An unexpected acceptance letter from an art school addressed to Dia sparks a confrontation between them, revealing Dia's frustrations with her mother's controlling nature. After the heated argument, Maya introspects and realizes that her controlling behavior stemmed from her own insecurities. To bridge the gap with her daughter, Maya decides to loosen her grip and allow Dia to follow her passions. Apologizing, Maya and Dia mend their relationship, celebrating by sharing a pint of butterscotch ice cream during their customary movie night.



Showplace Icon Theaters & Kitchen at Roosevelt Collection

1011 South Delano Court Chicago, IL 60605

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September 24, 2023

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