When: Friday, September 22 · 3 - 5:30pm CDT

Film Name: The Last Meal

Director: Ketkee Pande

Language: Hindi

Run Time: 27.5

Cast: Ishtiyak Khan, Aakash Dahiya, Sarika Singh

Country: India

Detailed Description: A pre-independence India faces internal issues of untouchability during the freedom struggle. In the midst of this climate, the revolutionary Bhagat Singh desires and insists to have his last meal prepared only by Bhoga, a sweeper at the Lahore jail.

Film Name: A Woman like me


Language: English

Run Time: 16.48


Country: India

Detailed Description: “A Woman Like Me” is an insightful documentary which highlights the despair, distress, stigmatisation,of a woman living with HIV,severe hearing loss and speech impairment, whose only means of communication with the outer world is through face-to-face lip reading. A victim of child abuse,domestic violence,marital rape,divorced twice,with multiple abortions, she has been through immense heart breaking and devastating emotional strains from time to time.In her own words she narrates her story in the film,how she never gave up hope and found peace with herself and fought back.Silence makes you vulnerable and fear makes you a coward.She has made a difference in her life and others too.


Director: Siddharth Chauhan

Language: Hindi

Run Time: 75

Cast: Nimisha Nair , Sangeeta Agrawal, Usha Chauhan, Deepak Sharma , Aayush Srivastava, Rohit Agrawal, Sreejith Vijay, Yash Thakur, Ishan Azad

Country: India

Detailed Description: "Amar Colony" is life itself with its psychological conundrums, its scandals, and its politics. Its inhabitants embody multigenerational humanity, bound together in a limited space. They meet, they talk, they cheat, they have secrets and they share meals, they love each other, abuse each other, believe in god, and refuse to die.

With its washed color palette and a romantic decadent setting, this film is a satire on mankind. A delicate and unique portrait of an exotic community that in fact represents all of us.



Showplace Icon Theaters & Kitchen at Roosevelt Collection

1011 South Delano Court Chicago, IL 60605

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September 24, 2023

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