Event Date: Saturday, June 22 · 3 - 5pm CDT

Is poetry merely the preferred medium for expression of beauty or is it striving to be a more faithful reflection of humanity’s shared core values? This question will be examined through the prism of our classic past masters who cast a wide net in their grand meditations encompassing humanity’s individual concerns as well as the more universal existential issues concerning our place in the universe.

While poets from Wali Dakani to Mir Taqi Mir did more than justice to their subjects, it was Mirza Asadullah Khan Ghalib who perfected the art of addressing profound philosophical concerns with a levity that proved deeply seductive for generations to come.

In her talk Dr.Azra Raza, will present examples of the shared core values of some of Urdu’s greatest poets showing why their message remains startlingly fresh for today. Azra's intention is to rekindle and reawaken an appreciation of the superb literary canon we have inherited, and which is mostly languishing unread and unappreciated in libraries or in homes of the rare cognoscenti. Through a serious contemplation of the questions raised by our superb and wise poets, we can clarify the things that matter in our own lives.

Besides poetry brings joy, sharpens our aesthetics, opens our eyes to wonder and pain, dreams and visions, it lays the groundwork for change, it serves as the balm to our fears of the unknown, it sustains our courage and, if taken seriously, has the power to make us into better human beings.



South Asia Institute (1925 South Michigan Avenue Chicago, IL 60616)

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June 8, 2024

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