Asian Improv aRts Midwest presents an artist talk with Jackie Andres in conversation with curator Kishino Takagishi at Hairpin Arts Center. This is an opportunity to see Jackie Andres’s debut solo show, Inangbayan / Motherland and hear the artist herself speak about the body of work.

Date and time

Friday, May 19 · 7 - 9pm CDT


Hairpin Arts Center 2810 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60618

Andres is a multi-media artist based in Chicago, IL where she graduated from the School of the Art Institute of Chicago’s undergraduate program. Her work explores the tactile process of both motion picture film and fiber to address the themes of cultural identity and the American experience through repetitive process and imagery. Andre's work consists of shooting analog footage, hand-manipulating surfaces of film, screen printing 35mm photos, painting, and sewing- reflecting a strong inclination toward sustained manual techniques and presence of the hand.

This is a part of AIRMW’s Arts Initiative Program.

More information HERE.

Gallery Hours: May 15th-June 1st

Tuesdays & Wednesdays from 5-7PM

Saturdays & Sundays from 12-2PM

Email to make an appointment


Hairpin Arts Center (2810 North Milwaukee Avenue Chicago, IL 60618)

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April 30, 2023

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