Chiang Mai exists as the capital of the northern Thailand region. It is a city and province. Modernization and wealth are having a huge impact on Thai food in and around Chiang Mai. Western-style diets are being normalized and local cuisines are becoming more homogenous with other regions because these local cooking traditions are not being carried on. The younger generations are cooking less and less and as a result, these culinary traditions are quickly fading away. These hyper-regional dishes carry legacies untold in the English language, storytelling through your senses. History through pantry items. Recipes passed on by word of mouth, many of which have gone undocumented like the people who are part of the nine hill tribes inhabiting northern Thailand. This experience is an effort to preserve, appreciate, and share some of our favorite northern Thai dishes in a family-style dinner. A style of dining that is just as essential as the ingredients to the dining culture of the North. Friday, Jan 19, 2024 and Saturday, Jan 20, 2024 - seatings at 5:45PM and 8:00PM. Special family style feast. Tickets required, $115 per ticket. No Dietary Restrictions can be accommodated. Nut-Free. Gluten Free. Will contain Shellfish, Pork, and Beef.


Thattu, 2601 W Fletcher St Chicago, IL 60618

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January 22, 2024

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