Lunar New Year Lucky Six Mochi Donuts

We spent weeks on preparing the Lucky Six Mochi Donuts because Lunar New Year means a lot to our family. We are proud to present a 2024 Lunar New Year Collection

🐉 Jade Dragon Donut: A symbol of strength and power, this matcha-infused mochi donut is adorned with hand made lucky dragon cookie, creating a majestic treat fit for the occasion. 🐲

🍍 Pineapple Cream Donut: Bursting with tropical sweetness, this donut is topped with luscious pineapple cream, embodying the essence of prosperity and good luck. 🍍

🍅 Persimmon Donut: Embrace the sweet and fragrant flavors of the season with our fresh persimmon glaze mochi donut, symbolizing joy and happiness.

🌟 God of Wealth Donut: Indulge in a Passion Fruit Guava topped donut that represents the God of Wealth, bringing fortune and prosperity to all who enjoy it. 💰

🐉 Year of Mushu Donut: Commemorate the Year of Mushu with a Passion Fruit Guava topped donut, paying homage to the playful dragon that brings joy and laughter. 🎊

🌌 Rock Fortune Donuts: This donut is made for all the dreamers.
The road to success is often rocky but if we keep at it, we will eventually reach the fortune that we dream for.🌠




2d Restaurant (3155 North Halsted Street, Chicago, IL 60657)

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March 4, 2024

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