Beginning on Tuesday, May 9th at 6 PM CST, SAAPRI is hosting a 3-part panel discussion exploring breast cancer in our community. The first panel will involve sharing stories and hearing from four distinguished survivors.

At SAAPRI we are keen on gathering and disseminating more information about breast cancer, specifically as it relates to South Asian Americans. This conversation is urgent as breast cancer, which is amenable to screening and early detection, is increasing in incidence among South Asians living in the United States. However, as an understudied racial/ethnic subgroup in the U.S., little is understood about our disproportionate burden for this cancer. Our series will engage survivors, experts, and advocates in the field of breast cancer research and treatment to understand the state of therapeutics and the direction we must go.

Overall, there is a lack of representation of South Asian Americans in all avenues of research, including cancer research. There are several socio-cultural factors that may be specific to South Asian women that need to be studied further to understand screening decisions in this population. Join SAAPRI in its effort to improve cancer awareness among South Asian Americans by helping bridge the gap in research, health equity, and the current literature.

This will be a virtual Zoom event. Please RSVP using the link below. The zoom link will be sent to you shortly before the event. We look forward to virtually seeing you all at the event!



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July 11, 2023

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