Tampopo Kai is an online Japanese cultural program for preschoolers. Through various engaging activities such as singing, storytelling, and arts & crafts, children and their parents are exposed to the richness of the Japanese language and culture.

Topics that will be covered in Tampopo Kai classes are, but not limited to: Japanese holidays, customs, traditions; Japanese vocabulary words (e.g. colors, numbers, shapes, sizes, family members, greetings, seasons, weather, body parts); Japanese arts (songs, kamishibai-style Japanese storyboards, origami).

The program is organized around three main ideas:

  1. Continue to present an impactful program that is responsive to the developmental needs of infants and toddlers.
  2. Encourage the appreciation of the Japanese language and culture through fun activities.
  3. Create an environment that nurtures positive self-identity by connecting participants to their ethnic heritage.

Who would be a good fit?

  • Children 5 years old and younger
  • Families interested in exposing their children to Japanese language, culture, and/or arts
  • Parents who want their children to develop and maintain a connection to their Japanese heritage
  • Parents who are looking for a tight-knit community of families raising multilingual children in the U.S.

Frequently asked questions about the Tampopo Kai Program

  • Are all classes held online? Yes, classes meet mostly on Mon/Wed via Zoom for an hour (10-11 am CT).
  • Are infants too young to attend classes? Not at all! We encourage parents to bring their babies to let them hear spoken Japanese. We sing many Japanese children’s songs and read Japanese stories alongside simultaneous English translation. It is a great opportunity to immerse the child in the Japanese language.
  • Do parents need to participate in the class, too? Because Tampopo Kai is geared towards children 5 years old and younger parents are encouraged to attend alongside their children. We ask parents to assist with accessing the Zoom link and managing the on/off of microphones.
  • Do I need to sign up for all sessions? Although classes are offered continuously throughout the year, each lesson is uniquely planned to introduce new concepts; you do not need to attend classes consecutively to follow along. We offer a discounted rate for a 5-session class package, but attendees can also pay per single class.
  • Is Tampopo Kai a Japanese language class? Tampopo Kai exposes children to the Japanese language, but it is not explicitly a language class. Basic Japanese vocabulary words are taught with supplemental explanations in English. Tampopo Kai is more of a cultural program rather than a language program.



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November 20, 2022

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