The Victor Wong Fellowship is an intensive program at The Second City that mentors & trains talented Asian / Asian American identifying artists.

Through a generous endowment by Peng Zhao, CEO of Citadel Securities, and his wife, Cherry Chen, the Fellowship focuses on improvisation, sketch comedy writing, acting & musical direction.
This is the inaugural year of the Victor Wong Fellowship, named after The Second City's first Asian American performer, and upon completion of the program, the Fellows will present a showcase event every Tuesday at 8pm in May on the e.t.c. stage at The Second City (230 W. North Ave., 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL  60610).

This year's Fellows are:  Ali Khan, Christina Hilliard, Courtney Sullivan Wu, Harrison Hapin, Heather Mari, Huy Nguyen, Jeff King, Luke Moghimi Connell, Natasha Mirza, Nick Joe, Tanvi Kumar, Katherine Elise Plier, Yuxin Lu, Maya Tanaka Alwardt, and Joshua Chan.
The Creative Lead & Showcase Director is Jonald Reyes.


The Second City, e.t.c. Theater (230 W. North Ave., 2nd Floor, Chicago, IL  60610)

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July 11, 2023

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