InternX is excited to announce that they will be hosting 7 Diversity & Inclusion Fairs this Fall 2021. Please register for as many fairs as you qualify for, as all of the events will be free for students!

On each fair day, students will have 15 minute time slots with recruiters to have virtual video calls. In the weeks leading up to the fairs, recruiters will send out invites to registered students that they would like to meet with. Five days out from each fair, open scheduling begins, where students can self-schedule any remaining time slots with recruiters.

The dates for each fair can be found below. Each fair will run from 12-4 PM EST.

In order for you to be fully prepared for the fair, please read the following list of actions you can take leading up to the fair.

1. Create your profile with your student email here.

2. Make sure your profile is up to date with your latest information & upload your resume. This is what recruiters will be filtering through to decide which students will be sent meeting invites.

3. Head over to your Career Fairs tab here, and click "Register for this fair" for any fair that you plan to attend. Recruiters will be searching through students that have specifically registered for the fairs.

4. Check out the Job Postings that companies add by clicking on your "Career Fairs" tab and then selecting the "Jobs" tab. Recruiters will be adding jobs a few days prior to each fair so check back later for job postings. You can message employers through those postings if you are interested.

5. Accept any recruiter invites that you receive through the link in your email. Recruiters will begin to send invites in a few weeks.

6. Open scheduling for companies will begin exactly 1 week out from the start date of the fair. At that time, you can schedule a meeting during available time slots. Click on the event in your Career Fairs tab, and then click on Companies at the top. Head to the company's scheduling tab, and select a time slot that works best for your schedule. As a reminder, these are first come, first serve.
   •If you do not get to schedule a meeting with a company you are interested in, "save" that company and            check on the day of the fair for any meeting cancellations. Openings may appear that you can fill.  

TO ACCESS THE FAIR: Log into your profile here, and select the fair from your "Career Fairs" tab.

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April 12, 2022

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