Japanese American Service Committee (JASC) brings you the JASC Fresh Market offering fresh vegetables and prepared food from various Japanese stores!

From 4-6PM, every 2nd and 4th Thursdays until October 28, 2021, JASC Fresh Market is open to bring you fresh vegetables, prepared food, homemade goods, and so on from Hinata Farms, M Square Catering, Mom’s Chicago, and Onigiri Kororin, and many more!

This is available for walk-in only so appropriate health protocols must be observed.

Although there are goods sold on site, M Square and Onigiri Kororin are also accepting pre-orders for their highly requested products. You can pre-order M Square’s sushi boxes here, and Onigiri Kororin’s authentic Japanese-style grilled onigiri here (make sure to choose JASC Fresh Market as your pick-up location).

JASC started this initiative to bring familiar Japanese and Asian foods to the community during the pandemic. They partnered with Hinata Farm and other Japanese markets and made them accessible especially to those living in the city. From there, more small vendors are participating and selling their freshly made goods from homemade cookies to freshly picked corn to crafts and wares!

JASC Fresh Market is a small indoor market offering delightful goods on each visit. Make sure to stay updated and check their social media pages and website for more information:




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October 31, 2021

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