Join us for an unforgettable journey through the millennia-old Chinese heritage, brought to life by the mesmerizing strings of the Guzheng. This ancient instrument, with its twenty-one strings, has carried the emotional depth and cultural richness of the Chinese civilization, telling stories of sorrow, joy, and the intricate beauty of life itself.
The Guzheng music is always a vivid landscape of emotions and history. It's a celebration of poetry and artistry, where music paints pictures of breathtaking sceneries and evokes the grandeur of literary masterpieces.

This spring, let the cool breeze of early March serenade you into a musical paradise, where the solo performances of the Guzheng by Yuchen will captivate your heart and soul.

About the Performer:

Graduating from the University of Chicago in 2023, Yuchen embarked on her Guzheng journey at the tender age of 8 under the tutelage of Xuxia Hu, a renowned young Guzheng artist from Zhejiang Province. By age 10, she had already clinched the gold award in the Zhejiang Province Dunhuang Cup, and by 11, she passed the amateur level 10 Guzheng examination with straight As, also securing the gold award at the Hangzhou Children's Talent Show.

Throughout her undergraduate years, Yuchen was an active participant in various artistic showcases, including the Provincial College Students' Art Performance and Jiangsu Satellite TV appearances. In 2022, she joined Jade Chinese Music Ensemble at the University of Chicago, shining in concerts and performances at consulates and other venues, and in February 2024, she was honored with the Concerto Competition Honorable Mention. On April 20, 2024, she will collaborate with members of the University of Chicago's University Symphony Orchestra to perform the concerto "The Eternal Sorrow of Lin'an."

Yuchen’s playing is comprehensive, delicate, passionate, and emotionally rich, showcasing her vast technical prowess and expressive style.

Concert Highlights

In this concert, selections include pieces that depict the gentle water towns of Jiangnan in “Pleasant Jasmine Fragrance," celebrate the majestic landscapes in "The vase and magnificent sea waves" and "Vast and Boundless Mountains," and honor the bold spirit of the Belt and Road initiative in "Desert Journey." The concert will also pay tribute to heroic valor in “The Eternal Sorrow of Lin'an," blend unique Japanese compositions with new works from Chinese Guzheng virtuosos, and introduce new music to traditional Chinese instruments for the first time.

Experience the dynamic exchange between the Guzheng and other Chinese national instruments, including the piano and percussion, showcasing the vibrant spirit and modern flair of the young inheritors of national music.

Recital Program

  1. Pleasant Jasmine Fragrance
  2. The Vast and Magnificent Sea Waves
  3. Haru Yo Koi + Vibrant
  4. Desert Journey
  5. Vast and Boundless Mountains
  6. Flow (world premiere)
  7. The Eternal Sorrow of Lin’an

Don't miss this exquisite evening of cultural exploration and musical excellence. Secure your spot now for an experience that promises to be as enriching as it is entertaining.


9th Floor, Logan Center for the Arts, East 60th Street, Chicago, IL, USA

915 East 60th Street Chicago, IL 60637 United States

More Info (External Link)
March 27, 2024

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