The Korean American Association of Chicago (KAAC) and the Korean American Women's Association of Chicago (KAWAC) are jointly hosting the 2018 Young Leadership Conference. The conference is being supported by the Consulate General of the Republic of Korea, the BISCO Foundation and the American Multicultural Society (AMS). As evident in the names of these organizations they are all non-profit service, cultural, and advocacy organizations dedicated to enhance the status of the Korean American Community and other multicultural societies.

By holding this conference, we are trying to make opportunities available for the participants to network with each other and with people in various professional fields. We hope this conference will provide career options and enhance their leadership skills. We also hope that the students who attend the conference will have the chance to develop new networks with others and to exchange their cultural assets with one another. As we focus on the next generation of leaders for our community, we want to provide participants with the opportunity to share their thoughts and concerns as well as to provide networking opportunities to explore new directions to fulfill their future plans and ambitions.

In addition, we are adding a parent seminar this year to help guide students in their education pursues and career choices. This seminar is hosted by KAWAC, KAAC, the Korean School Association of Midwest and the Korean Cultural Center of Chicago and sponsored by the Korean Education center in Chicago.

Registration Fee: $20

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August 23, 2020

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