Come see William Paik’s last show on July 30 before leaving for Korea for a year. He has a friendly, relatable and high energy style with observational jokes about sexual development, popular culture, and growing up as a kid of immigrants. He’s performed at the Asian Comedy Festival in New York City, the Milwaukee Comedy festival, and he produces East of California West of New York at the Lincoln Lodge (2040 North Milwaukee Avenue) in Chicago. In August he will be in Korea for a year on a Fulbright studying and participating in Seoul's stand up scene.

Some thoughts on the title:
"I titled it King Sejong who was most famously known for creating the Korean written language system that we see today. The show itself is not about Sejong, but he’s a figure and story that evokes stability and pride, which reflects how I feel wrapping up my time in Chicago for now."

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August 4, 2022

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