Sonam Kalra will be joining us.
Ms. Kalra will recite and sing Sufi poetry and provide translations, explanations & context for her works.
Suggested Donation $15 (To donate, simply purchase a donation ticket instead of a free ticket).
Your donations will help us continue to bring high quality programming to you through our Cultural Sundays series.

Multiple award-winning singer and composer, Sonam Kalra’s music emerges from a place of truth. Inherent in her beautiful, powerful voice and complex compositions is an integrity that reflects her philosophy of equality, inclusion, compassion and tolerance. She is internationally acclaimed as a versatile singer and composer- a musician with a message and also as an inspirational speaker and role model, expressing her learnings from her creative and deep spiritual journey through her music and her words. Her sustained training in both Western and Hindustani classical forms combined with the courage of her convictions, resulted in her brainchild, ‘Sonam Kalra & The Sufi Gospel Project’ which blends the many voices of faith through poetry, prayer and music to create one universal voice.

		Poetry and Music of Faith: the Sufi Gospel Project image
		Poetry and Music of Faith: the Sufi Gospel Project image

More Info (External Link)
September 20, 2021

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