Sumodo: The Successors of Samurai Sumodo - Samurai wo tsugu monotachi

DIRECTED BY  Sakata Eiji

COUNTRY  Japan    RUN TIME 104 minutes


The world of sumo wrestling has always been something of a mystery to the world at large. Who are these gigantic athletes who willingly, violently collide with one another? Sumodo: The Successors of Samurai peels back the curtain on this invigorating sport by exploring the lives of the wrestlers themselves. Featuring rare footage of rikishi in training, the film offers a portrait of two dedicated wrestlers as they train, eat, and compete in larger-than-life tournaments in their quest to attain sumo’s highest rank.

LANGUAGE Japanese with subtitles


Available to stream starting August 4, 2021 @ 6:30pm CT, with a 24-hour watch window.


Featuring a livestream Q&A with director Sakata Eiji on the streaming platform at 8:45pm CT following the film.

Live Q&A Presented By:

Logo: Citi 161x100

More Info (External Link)
August 5, 2021

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