Spinning beats and bridging cultures. Celebrating the vibrant sounds and unstoppable energy of Korean American DJs who are turning the music scene into a global groove. Check out our list of Korean DJs in Chicago!

Matthias Mehrpuyan

Experience the ultimate musical journey with DJ Mattheo! By day, he's a marketing maestro at Shure, but by night, he transforms into a powerhouse music producer and record label owner. Catch him igniting the dance floors of Chicago's hottest venues like Spybar, Radius, Primary, and Prysm, where his electrifying beats and unparalleled talent create an atmosphere you won't want to miss. Join the party and let DJ Mattheo soundtrack your night with pure magic!

Prosper Ro

Get the party started with Prosper! Whether he's spinning tracks as a DJ or creating electrifying mixes for TikTok, Prosper brings the beats that keep the vibes high and the energy pumping. Your friends' parties will never be the same once Prosperi hits the decks. Let's turn up the volume and make some unforgettable memories together!

Jaydee Min

Meet DJ Blujay, the ultimate entertainer who seamlessly blends his talents as a software engineer, singer, and DJ extraordinaire. From enchanting weddings to high-profile corporate events, Blujay crafts unforgettable moments with his unique fusion of music mastery and technical expertise. Let him set the perfect tone for your special occasion, as his passion for music and innovation shines through every beat. Elevate your event with DJ Blujay and experience a celebration like no other!

DJ Shin

Get ready to groove with DJ Shin, the maestro of unforgettable moments! From spinning tunes at college events to rocking the stage at Big Ten Tailgate, Spin Chicago, LG's Old Town, and The Kerryman, DJ Shin brings the party wherever he goes. With years of experience and a knack for setting the perfect vibe, he's your go-to DJ for special occasions and high-energy gatherings. 

Joseph Moon

Meet the dynamic djkrazy: by day, an IT professional mastering the digital realm, and by night, a powerhouse DJ igniting the dance floors of Chicago! Starting with private events and swiftly landing resident spots across the city, djkrazy's infectious beats and electrifying energy have become synonymous with unforgettable nights out. Whether you're looking to elevate your event or lose yourself in the pulse of the city's hottest spots, djkrazy delivers an experience that's nothing short of legendary. 

Mar 7, 2024

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