Why Add BALD SISTERS to your Holiday List

This isn’t sparkles and candy canes so it may seem unfitting for the holiday season. But for those who appreciate society and diversity–or even just have fun affection for theater plays–watching BALD SISTERS is not a wasted space on your list!

Theater Seesaw: How Balancing Strengthened Director Jonald Reyes

See what Director Jonald Reyes from The Second City has to say about balancing--making the most in every opportunity and reaping as much as you can.

Token Theatre debuts with rom-com play Zac Efron

Token Theatre’s debut play, “Zac Efron”, is a rom-com about Asian gay men looking for love. Co-written by Rhee and actor & Token director of development, Wai Yim. The company will have an online reading of scenes from the play this Thursday and Saturday, directed by Helen Young and starring Broadway veteran Telly Leung.


Asian American heroes and organizations-  stepping up and helping out during a crisis.

Chay Yew Directs "ROZ AND RAY" at Victory Gardens Theater

Chay Yew joined Victory Gardens Theater since 2011 and is its first new Artistic Director in 34 years.

Cheryl Hamada in Chimerica

Actress: Cheryl Hamada Play: Chimerica by Lucy Kirkland at Time Line Theatre until July 31, 2016.

Sam Simahk - The King and I

Lyric Opera’s grand-scale production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s The King and I runs through May 22. Meet the talented Sam Simahk who plays the role of Lun Tha.

Ronnie Malley - Ziryab: The Songbird of Andalusia

Meet the talented Ronnie Malley, our featured artist in the "What's Your Story?" series. He is a multi-instrumentalist, performer and teacher who wrote and performs in "ZIRYAB: THE SONGBIRD OF ANDALUSIA", running February 18-28 at Silk Road Rising.

Aurora Adachi-Winter is a Bi-racial Actress in Chicago

Aurora Adachi-Winter is a bi-racial actress in Chicago playing the role of a bi-racial political activist in the play MUTT running through February 14, 2016. MUTT is a dark comedy about race, homosexuality, political corruption and other contemporary issues you want to see tackled on stage.

Anu Bhatt on Where Is My Goddamn Coconut

The show is "Where Is My Goddamn Coconut: and Other Musings of a Small Brown Woman", and it will be on Saturday, January 23 at 4pm at Heartland Studio Theatre as part of Fillet of Solo.