Monica Eng: Narratives of Truths and Taste

Learn more about Monica Eng, whose many stories, both existing and yet to be published, has positioned acceptance and positivity as her indelible mark in Chicago’s papers. 

Flair of Pink Power: Women Empowerment Documentaries You Should Watch

While the Barbie movie effectively relayed the sad historical truth of women through a fictional trope, there are hundreds of documentaries that can truthfully show the degree that women can burn to change this. See the power of our real-life Barbies and how they blazed the world with their flair!

Upholding Happiness: The Bhutan's Way of Life

Although Bhutan is not a typical tour destination for those who chase whirlwind adventures, it is still worthwhile for those whose hearts are willing to journey its tranquil beauty. Here are the reasons why:

Must Visit Cambodian Establishments Around Chicago

For this feature we’d like to highlight some establishments of our Cambodian brothers and sisters so that we may take a glimpse into their culture and lifestyle. Here are some places around Chicago that is worth visiting.

New AAPI Leaders from 2022 Midterm Election Results

This year’s midterm election results have shown us that more Asian-American leaders are stepping up the mantle in service to the local community. Get to know these leaders as they take the AAPI community to the next level.

UNITY Conference: ACE NextGen Holds the Largest National Gathering of AAPI Entrepreneurs

A champion in increasing the Asian presence in American leadership, ACE NextGen, is hosting a two-day conference centered on leveraging the power of relationships for Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) entrepreneurs in the McDonald’s Global Headquarters, Illinois.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss ACE NextGen’s Unity Conference 2022

Join us in person on October 13-14 for a 2-day epic experience - we’re coming together again for one heck of a reunion!

Rock on with Ji-Young: Sesame Street's first-ever Asian American muppet

Sesame Street debuts its first-ever Asian American muppet—Ji-Young!

Node Institute: Scaling Up Organizations for a Cause

AAPI-founded nonprofit organization, Node, established its first-ever Node Institute that aims to scale up organizations through an exclusive network and a set of business training sessions.

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Miss The 2021 National Civic Leadership Forum

It’s rare to stumble upon a virtual occasion with this caliber, a conference cultivated to help participants from all backgrounds better understand the AAPI community in as many fields and perspectives as possible. Don't miss this chance and register now!

Anti-Racism College Guide for AAPI Students and Allies

The College Consensus shares their resource for AAPI students and allies to fight against racism.

Node Bravely Enters the Digital World

If there’s anything that people can learn from entrepreneurs like Chicken & Rice Guys Founder Ian So, it is to just build the things that don’t exist yet especially if they’ll serve a meaningful purpose. Being unable to find a safe and brave space online where AAPIs can connect, Ian therefore founded Node.