What is the BTS Meal?

The BTSxMcDonald's collaboration brings in the BTS Meal which introduces new ways to enjoy the usual fries and nuggets combo.

#AsiansWhoCAN Rise: King Marie

Giving herself the identity of “King”, Christine Marie Borda a.k.a. King Marie has definitely proven that she continues to rise and make her mark in a challenging and primarily male-dominated industry, music.

The K-Pop Groups We Stan

The popularity of K-Pop has created opportunities to form close communities which are filled with hot discussions about personal biases, concert dates, tours, merchandise, and more! Wondering what all the excitement is about? We didn’t want you to miss out on the fun so we’re giving a quick roundup of these groups and some of their popular songs!

Tatsu Aoki Presents Reduction at the MCA

Tatsu Aoki is a leading advocate for the Asian American community; a prolific composer and performer of traditional and experimental music forms; and a filmmaker and educator.

Stephanie Jae Park Shines in Goodman Theatre's, "War Paint"

Stephanie Jae Park is a talented singer, actress, and dancer who shines in the World Premiere musical, "War Paint" from the acclaimed Broadway team of librettist Doug Wright, composer Scott Frankel, lyricist Michael Korie, and director Michael Greif. "War Paint" runs at Goodman Theatre until August 21, 2016 and is the powerful tale of two masters of self-invention who sacrificed everything to become the country’s first major female entrepreneurs.

A-Cappella Group "The Filharmonic"

We've all had different paths, but two common threads in our paths are the importance of music in Filipino culture and the effect that school has had in guiding us to pursue music.

Ronnie Malley - Ziryab: The Songbird of Andalusia

Meet the talented Ronnie Malley, our featured artist in the "What's Your Story?" series. He is a multi-instrumentalist, performer and teacher who wrote and performs in "ZIRYAB: THE SONGBIRD OF ANDALUSIA", running February 18-28 at Silk Road Rising.