History Goes Back to the Future in Artist Kongkee’s Warring States Cyberpunk Exhibit, through July 15

Greek philosopher Heraclitus said, ‘No man ever steps in the same river twice, for it’s not the same river and he’s not the same man.’ Award-winning artist and animation director Kongkee asks, “What happens when a soul emerges after 2,000 years from underwater—does it seek out something new? Does it return to familiar places?”

Must Visit Cambodian Establishments Around Chicago

For this feature we’d like to highlight some establishments of our Cambodian brothers and sisters so that we may take a glimpse into their culture and lifestyle. Here are some places around Chicago that is worth visiting.

Don’t Miss Out: 2023 Lunar New Year Events in Chicago

Lunar New Year creates fresh memories for us to bond and get together. Here’s the 2023 list of Lunar New Year events in Chicago!

Filipino DJs to get the Party Started

We’re providing you with a complete list of Filipino DJs that you could definitely hire for your next wild event! Check them out!

Why Add BALD SISTERS to your Holiday List

This isn’t sparkles and candy canes so it may seem unfitting for the holiday season. But for those who appreciate society and diversity–or even just have fun affection for theater plays–watching BALD SISTERS is not a wasted space on your list!

AAPI Inclusive Films for the Holidays!

Some films are not set during Christmas nor about Christmas. What the list offers is a collection of feel-good movies that can contribute to your hallowed festivity!

Gifting Ideas ft. AAPI Businesses

The holiday season is finally upon us, and the spirit of giving has never been more present again. We thought of helping you out with a few gifting ideas for those last-minute shoppers. 

Deneza Jadol: Honoring Heritage through Music

The budding artist, Deneza, offers music that hints at what it’s like to be an immigrant who struggled to pursue passion over practicality.

Illi Ferandez: Rekindling with Her Identity Through Art

Learn about Illi Ferandez, a Chicago-based, Fil-Am Digital Illustrator and her noble perspective in art, as she creates pieces that are relatable to her identity, reflecting her true authentic self.

Theater Seesaw: How Balancing Strengthened Director Jonald Reyes

See what Director Jonald Reyes from The Second City has to say about balancing--making the most in every opportunity and reaping as much as you can.

Barbara’s Bookstore in Solidarity with AAPIs

In a pandemonium brought about by several uncertainties, Barbara’s Bookstore stood firm to provide refuge for those who are seeking a sense of truce. Discover how the bookstore continues to thrive and champion the AAPI community today.

A Bridal Compassion

Love stretches far beyond romantic antics and fairytale-like happy endings. It’s a contagious concept rooted with deep compassion towards one another. If you think about it, love starts with compassion. This happens to be the main focus of Tina Wong, owner and founder of Grace and Ivory.