Sippin' Success: The First Sip Cafe Story

In the heart of Argyle's bustling business corridor, there's a cozy corner that has become the community's caffeine haven—First Sip Cafe built by the dynamic duo Gigi Hoang and Erin Hoang.

Uniting Communities Through Boba: The Story of Amber Agave Café in Chicago

Amber Agave is a new boba cafe in Chicago with the mission to unite communities through culture and creativity.

The Cumin Club: Where Convenience Meets Authentic and Healthy Indian Cuisine

Discover the Cumin Club's authentic and healthy Indian cuisine, using freeze-drying technology for freshness, offering regional flavors, and environmentally responsible packaging.

Why You SHOULDN'T Attend the Red Party

If you’re only about the rave, the music, and the drinks, then this party is NOT for you. Read the reasons why!

Hamesha: A Colorful Quest to Home

Pallavi is a first-generation Indian American who has always intended to honor her South Asian craft. After years of quest and experiments, she found the world of natural dye and founded the Hamesha Project. Know more about her way to sustainable fashion!

AAPI Candidates Running In The 2023 Chicago Aldermanic Election

The Chicago Election is near. Here are some AAPI candidates that are running for their respective Wards.

Roxanne Volkmann and her Mission Towards Inclusivity and Compassion

The pull to help others and imprint on making a difference is stronger than one’s own desire to attain something just for themselves. For others, this calling comes later in life, but to the very unique few, this calling happens much earlier. Roxanne Volkmann happens to be one of those few who was called to serve others when she was just a young 19-year-old.

Deneza Jadol: Honoring Heritage through Music

The budding artist, Deneza, offers music that hints at what it’s like to be an immigrant who struggled to pursue passion over practicality.

Illi Ferandez: Rekindling with Her Identity Through Art

Learn about Illi Ferandez, a Chicago-based, Fil-Am Digital Illustrator and her noble perspective in art, as she creates pieces that are relatable to her identity, reflecting her true authentic self.

UNITY Conference: ACE NextGen Holds the Largest National Gathering of AAPI Entrepreneurs

A champion in increasing the Asian presence in American leadership, ACE NextGen, is hosting a two-day conference centered on leveraging the power of relationships for Asian American Pacific Islanders (AAPI) entrepreneurs in the McDonald’s Global Headquarters, Illinois.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss ACE NextGen’s Unity Conference 2022

Join us in person on October 13-14 for a 2-day epic experience - we’re coming together again for one heck of a reunion!

The Making of Merry Richards Jewelers

Merry and Richard Cheng took the risk of entering a saturated market, defying all odds as immigrants in 1985 and being able to establish the now multi-million dollar Merry Richards Jewelers.