Flair of Pink Power: Women Empowerment Documentaries You Should Watch

While the Barbie movie effectively relayed the sad historical truth of women through a fictional trope, there are hundreds of documentaries that can truthfully show the degree that women can burn to change this. See the power of our real-life Barbies and how they blazed the world with their flair!

AAPI Inclusive Films for the Holidays!

Some films are not set during Christmas nor about Christmas. What the list offers is a collection of feel-good movies that can contribute to your hallowed festivity!

The Shoot: How “No Place Like Kasama” Came To Be

Tenacity, resilience, and a strong will to break the mold are just some of the great things that describe Asians in general. As AAPI month comes to a close, we saved the best for last. 

Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender Cast Revealed!

After days of guessing, the cast of Netflix's Avatar: The Last Airbender live-action adaptation is officially revealed!

Trese in Your Area: The All-Asian American Cast

Rosaries and a garland of garlic can’t always save us from crimes of supernatural origin. Sometimes, the best thing we can do is to support someone who can fight malevolent mythical creatures so ready your popcorns because the Philippines’ first-ever Netflix anime, Trese, is coming soon!

Filipino American Actress Cosplays Disney's Raya

Get to know a creative soul, Filipino American actress Monica Joelle Ortiz, who inspires her audience with strength and fearlessness that made her pursue her goals unapologetically.

START-UP: An Impressive K-Drama For The Budding Entrepreneur In All Of Us

Start-Up is all about one’s journey in building their own company from scratch but it goes a bit deeper than that. Find out a couple of things that we find impressive about the series to give you a quick view of what makes it interesting to watch!


Disney Christmas Advert 2020 - Filipino things you might have missed while you were crying, from household items to minor audible things.

‘Parasite’ Becomes Vanguard of Oscars History

In the recent 92nd Academy Awards, Parasite made history as it became the sixth foreign language film to win the Oscar for Best Original Screenplay.