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Comcast RISE: Doing these 3 things can help RISE your business!

With Comcast RISE, there are three ways you can UP your endeavors and can work for any type of business.

Theater Seesaw: How Balancing Strengthened Director Jonald Reyes

See what Director Jonald Reyes from The Second City has to say about balancing--making the most in every opportunity and reaping as much as you can.

Why You Shouldn’t Miss ACE NextGen’s Unity Conference 2022

Join us in person on October 13-14 for a 2-day epic experience - we’re coming together again for one heck of a reunion!

Sochi’s Secret Recipe

From high school sweethearts to business owners. Unravel the tale of how Sochi Saigonese Kitchen came to be, and what secret recipe helped and continues to help the restaurant flourish.

Asian American Coalition of Chicago: City's Diverse Alliance

Asian American Coalition of Chicago stands as one of the longest-standing organizations that bring Asian Americans together in the city. They are also known for their annual Lunar New Year celebrations.

Where to Go: List of Lunar New Year celebrations in Chicago!

Lunar New Year get-togethers will surely pop-up left and right. If you don’t know where to go, no worries, we got you! Here’s a list of Lunar New Year celebrations in Chicago!

Donation Resource: Help Philippines Rise from Typhoon Rai!

While the rest of the world was busy for the holidays, the Philippines was battered with a Category 5 Typhoon Rai (locally known as Odette). As the new year starts, let's help the survivors regain their livelihood and start anew. Here are resources where you can donate to. 

White House Initiative Relaunched to Serve AA & NHPI Again!

WHIAANHPI under the new administration carries the missions to create a comprehensive response and serve the AA and NHPI community against injustices—from the rise of anti-Asian hate and systemic lack of disaggregated data to various economic disparities like education, health, and housing.