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In the Blood: Eric Horng's Path Inspired by His 'News Junkie' Dad 

Read how Eric Horng's journey to the newsroom, inspired by his father's passion for news, becomes a testament to the enduring power of journalism.

Journalism 101 by Judy Hsu: What It Takes to be a Voice of Truth, Accuracy, and Objectivity

Here are five lessons that gleaned from the extraordinary life of Judy Hsu–offering invaluable insight to anyone who aspires to be a voice of truth, accuracy, and objectivity.

Laos to Your House: Unveiling Lao Culinary Treasure

Tired of the consistent sentiment of Laos being a “forgotten” Asian country, the creators of Laos To Your House believe that it is now time to reverse that.

AO Hawaiian Hideout: A Beacon of Polyn-Asian Flavors

As Chicago is a keeper of anthologies from distant lands, it is no surprise that within it lies AO Hawaiian Hideout, Chicago’s beacon of “Polyn-Asian” cuisine–bringing intertwined savor of Hawaii and Asia to the windy city.

This Fil-Am Father-Son Duo Hits a Viral Chord

Where trends come and go like fleeting moments, there are some stories that stand out. One such heartwarming tale revolves around a father and son whose soulful singing video became a viral beacon of joy for millions around the world.

2D Restaurant's Fusion of Interests, Ideas, and Ideals

Overcoming the pandemic, 2D Restaurant continues to flourish in Parisian-Asian style through their fusion of interests, ideas, and ideals.

Flair of Pink Power: Women Empowerment Documentaries You Should Watch

While the Barbie movie effectively relayed the sad historical truth of women through a fictional trope, there are hundreds of documentaries that can truthfully show the degree that women can burn to change this. See the power of our real-life Barbies and how they blazed the world with their flair!

Upholding Happiness: The Bhutan's Way of Life

Although Bhutan is not a typical tour destination for those who chase whirlwind adventures, it is still worthwhile for those whose hearts are willing to journey its tranquil beauty. Here are the reasons why: