The rough road as a Naval Officer, requiring discipline and high focus, prepared the veteran Edgar Jimenez to be on top of a recruiting business today. It is no easy path for anyone to be of service while being distant from their loved ones. Regardless, Jimenez took heart to answer this call. 

Jimenez served in Desert Storm as a Communications Officer aboard the USS Mount Hood, in formation with the USS America Battle Group. “I miss the port of calls our ships made and the warm welcome we received through Asia as US military personnel,” he said. There are certainly some hiccups along the way but he has polished his grit and mastered the art of resiliency to carry on. 

Since serving in the Navy, he went places by leading operations in various organizations such as Unilever, Chicago Tribune, CNA Insurance, and McGraw Hill. “My military training was the best possible professional preparation I could have ever hoped for,” Jimenez quipped. Today, he successfully transitioned to helping start-ups and individuals as an Executive Recruiter. He testified that his training thoroughly prepped him to competently wear many professional hats. 

Despite being occupied with his new responsibilities, he cannot help but often look back with endearment to his veteran days. Beyond the training, the navy supported his undergrad education through his Naval Reserve Officer Training (NROTC) scholarship and his MBA tuition at the University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign. As he continues to trek a professional path, he will be forever grateful for how his navy experience molded him as an individual today. 

When asked about the best part of being a veteran, he shared, “I love the appreciation from fellow citizens, no matter their party, creed, rank, or age.” He noted, however, that there are still some civilians who do not appreciate what it took to serve or their ability to calmly handle pressure. 

Nonetheless, this should not discourage aspiring members of the Armed Forces to march on. “Serving your country will be the most satisfying personal sacrifice of your lifetime,” Jimenez said. There is a big future ahead of them and will be able to gain lifelong friendships along the way. “Serve proudly, have fun and make the most out of your experience,” he added.

As for his fellow veterans, he assured them that their service will always be supported no matter what branch they served in as well as their professional growth. “Let's help each other through respect, recommendations, insights, and connections,” he said encouragingly. Truly, being and having been part of the military not only hone life skills but also a solid community that can present limitless opportunities. 

If there is anything that they should always remember, it is that “y​​our diligence and commitment to duty is what keeps our freedoms and futures intact.” 

To all the brave heroes of this country, we salute you!

Nov 11, 2022

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