Space for Humanity is delighted to announce its new sponsorship of Amanda Nguyen, marking an exciting collaboration that extends beyond mere support to an embraced shared vision and values. Amanda’s words encapsulate the profound synergy of this partnership: “I am thrilled to be partnered with Space for Humanity, not just for their support, but also their vision and values. Together, we are committed to changing the way we all think about the cosmos, each other, and humanity's future. I look forward to my journey to space as well as our continued journey to a brighter and better future.”

Amanda Nguyen, a shining embodiment of the ethos and aspirations of our Citizen Astronaut Program, stands as a beacon of inspiration. Renowned as a civil rights activist and the founder of Rise, she is celebrated for her pivotal contributions, including her work on the Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act and unwavering advocacy for Asian American rights. Her remarkable achievements have earned her a Nobel Peace Prize nomination and the distinguished title of Time Woman of the Year in 2022.

Embarking on an historic journey, Amanda Nguyen will soar to the stars aboard a Blue Origin New Shepard spacecraft, thereby making history as the first Vietnamese Woman to venture into space. Her voyage not only symbolizes personal triumph but also embodies the collective aspirations of humanity towards a future defined by progress, inclusivity, and exploration.

Apr 2, 2024

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