Merging China’s colorful past with its children’s bright present, Yin He Dance brings to life an artistic cultural journey for the Chinese-American community based in Chicago.

With its wide array of programs and opportunities, everyone can come together under the unifying power of dance. 

There is much to be told about this non-profit organization as it opens one’s eyes to the richness of Asian culture, enables equal access to opportunities, and forges strong bonds among community members. 

The company thrives on being able to spread joy but as it faces one of its greatest challenges,  due to a loss of revenue during the quarantine period, allow your light to shine and bring back the joy to Yin He Dance. You can opt to donate online or take their free virtual classes to show your support.

Here in Yin He Dance, feel free to dance not for applause but for a cause. 

Go to their website,, to know more!

May 29, 2020

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