Tis the season of merriment and cheer! The holiday season is finally upon us, and the spirit of giving has never been more present again. This year, we at Chicago Asian Network thought about helping you out with a few gifting ideas for those last-minute shoppers. 

For the Spouse

Photo Courtesy of Merry Richard Jewelers’ Instagram

The classic special gift for our special loved ones. If you’re still unsure what to give your very significant other, a timeless piece of silver or gold is a proven fail-proof way of making them feel special.
IG: @merryrichards | www.merryrichardsjewelers.com

For the Stationary Obsessed

Photo Courtesy of Muiji Studio’s Instagram

There are many young-at-hearts who collect stickers as a way to express themselves. In a way, this can also be a way to express yourself to others. If you want to gift a sticker-loving friend (or yourself *wink*), make sure to have a look at Muiji Studio!
IG: @muijistudio | www.etsy.com/shop/muijistudio

For the Dreamer

Photo Courtesy of Barbara’s Bookstore Instagram

We understand: Books can be boring gifts for those who don’t like to read. Good thing Barbara’s Bookstore got this Gift Guide for various people with different interests. It scales from music lovers to cat lovers. The thing with reading is that it only takes one good book to open a whole life-changing literature portal. Who knows, maybe your gift can help open theirs?
IG: @barbarasbookstorechgo | www.barbarasbookstores.com

For the Sports Fan
Embroidered Apparels

Photo Courtesy of Made by Xtine’s Instagram

Symbols last longer when they are stitched, not pasted. If you wish to give a sporty person a gift that you’re certain would last long, check out Made By Xtine’s shop. You can find quality apparels with embroidered real-life sport personalities.
IG: @madebyxtine | https://madebyxtine.com

For the Creative
Handmade Crafts Pins, Patches, and Resin Arts

Photo Courtesy of MichWu Creation’s Instagram

An art lover’s haven. If giving grand things isn’t your thing, why not some crafts that can help spice up their daily baggage? Exchange cute designs that will help them remember you in the mundane cycle of life.
IG: @michwucreations | https://www.etsy.com/shop/MichWuCreations

For the Jetsetter
Equilibrium Bag

Photo Courtesy of Equilibrium USG Instagram

For all the go-getters, risk-takers, and nonstop travelers–this one’s for them! This is the ultimate survival gear (hence, the “USG”). We are all different explorers with different needs. It is unlikely to have two backpackers carry the exact same things. This is where Equilibrium USG enters. You get the chance to customize a bag that fits your receiver’s style, need, and personality
IG: @equilibriumusg | www.equnit.co

For the Loud and Proud
The Smithsonian’s We Are Here: 30 Inspiring Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders

Photo Courtesy of Illi Ferandez Instagram

There’s a lot that we don’t know about our community. Best to not keep ourselves in the dark and know those who have done great things. Let’s keep ourselves inspired, passionate, and strong. Receiving and giving this gift is a reminder of who we are, what limits we overcame, and how further we can go.
IG: @smithsonianapa | www.amazon.com/Are-Here-Inspiring-Americans-Islanders/dp/0762479655/

For the Home Buddy

Photo Courtesy of IM Home Candles Website

Sometimes we all just want to stay in our homes to relax. What better way than to fill your home with scents that remind you of cities that you’ve traveled to or dreamed of visiting. This TRAVEL GOALS Votive Set is perfect for the home buddy with a jet setter spirit.
IG: @imhomecandles | www.imhomecandles.com

For the Sweet Tooth

Photo Courtesy of Mochinut Illinois Instagram

We all have that one friend who prefers mouth-filling gifts more than anything else. If a box of chocolate feels basic, why not give them a fusion of mochi and doughnuts–mochinuts!
IG: @mochinut_illinois | www.mochinut.com

Salamat Cookies’ Assorted Cookie Set 1 Dozen

Photo Courtesy of SALAMAT Cookies! Instagram

If you have a friend who has got a hankering for something sweet and exotic, then this may be the perfect gift for them. Salamat cookies offer creative flavors from the Philippines such as ube and mango baked in palm size cookies, a perfect way to introduce these unique tastes to your sweet tooth friends and family.
IG: @salamatcookies | www.salamatcookies.com/order

Sweet Delights Chicago

Photo Courtesy of Sweet Delights Chicago LLC Instagram

Still don’t know what to give? Sweet Delights LLC has a list of sugared delights that you can choose from. This season, they offer mooncakes, cheesecake bars, ube bombs, and more! 
IG: @sweetdelightschicagollc

For the Coffee Aficionado
VietFive’s Coffee Kits

Photo Courtesy of VietFive’s Website

For the night owls, early risers, and just the plain coffee aficionados, VietFive’s Coffee Kit is the perfect gift for those who cannot absolutely live and start their day without caffeine. VietFive’s coffee flavor will kick start their day to a good one and that is all they could ever ask for. Want to make their day? Serve them one of the best coffees around.
IG: @vietfive | www.vietfive.com 

For the Gourmand
Omsom’s Try Em All Set

Photo Courtesy of Omsom Website

Flavor up your normal dish! As they say, “Fusion” shouldn’t be a dirty word. Bringing different things that creates a whole spectacular one. Omsom’s Try Em All Set can be your first step to creating a dish that is entirely for you! Who knows? This can be the start of your generational family recipe! *wink*
IG: @omsom | https://omsom.com/ 

Sanzo’s Sparkling Water

Photo Courtesy of Sanzo’s Sparkling Water Website

If wine and champagne feel overwhelming, Sanzo’s Sparkling Water is a great alternative! It’s the perfect quality, laid-back drink for every occasion. Also, if bringing in cans feels weird, Sanzo gift cards are also available!
IG: @drinksanzo | https://drinksanzo.com/ 

Diaspora Co.’s The Trio Set

Photo Courtesy of Diaspora Co. Spices Website

Less sugar, more spice makes everything nice! This is great for your foodie friend who isn’t afraid to explore new tastes and level up their usual cuisine. The Trio Set of Diaspora Co. is a perfect “Introduction to Spices” if you’re afraid to scare them away from the exotic flavor.
IG: @diasporaco | https://www.diasporaco.com/ 

For the Sharp Dresser
Akashi Kama

Photo Courtesy of Akashi Kama Website

For the friend/loved one that loves to style themselves comfortably and minimally, grab them an item from Akashi Kama. A Japanese-American brand that evokes the minimalist and clean style that is usually found in the streets of Japan whilst paying homage to western styles. Some of the patterns used in the brand are reminiscent of Japanese patterns used in traditional clothing. The brand is perfect for those who want to modern pieces with nods from traditional inspirations.
IG: @akashi_kama | www.akashi-kama.com/collections/shop-all

Good Fight

Photo Courtesy of Good Fight Website

For those who live and breathe fashion and have a strong sense of representation and underlying energy when it comes to breaking the norm, give them a piece from Good Fight, a brand that represents Asians at its finest. A brand that evokes the Asian diaspora: the one that is hard to describe and the type where you can never put into a box or stereotype.
IG: @goodfight |www.goodfight.shop


Photo Courtesy of Abakada Website

For you Fil-Am friend who’s a streetwear junkie, get them a piece from Abakada. They wear their Filipino pride on their sleeves through pieces that remind Filipinos of their culture and homeland. Abakada encourages fellow FilAms to rediscover and reconnect with their heritage through their modern pieces.
IG: @abkdco | abkdco.com

Dec 9, 2022

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