Eric Horng, a dedicated journalist at ABC 7 Chicago, was born and raised in the bustling Windy City. His passion for news was sparked at an early age. Growing up, the TV in their home was always tuned to news channels, planting the seeds of a future career in journalism for young Eric.

Photo courtesy of Eric Horng

Reflecting on his journey, Eric shares, "It's an honor to be reporting for the station that I grew up watching. My father is a bigger 'news junkie' than I am, and the news was always on TV in our house when I was a kid. That's how the journalism seed was planted."

At ABC 7 Chicago, Eric covers a wide range of stories. In terms of prioritization, he sees each story as important as the other. “Whether it involves public officials in corridors of power or everyday folks who are looking to make a difference. That's how I approach every reporting assignment," he says, sharing the egalitarian nature of his work.

When asked about the type of stories he finds most fulfilling, Eric emphasizes the importance of uncovering motivations and driving discussions. "In any story, I look for 'the why.' If I can capture the essence of what is motivating people in a moment and driving a discussion or issue, then I've done my job."

Photo courtesy of Eric Horng

One of the most memorable periods in Eric's career was during the COVID-19 pandemic. The crises posed by the pandemic challenged all journalists worldwide, and Eric is no exception. He recalls how it altered their workflows, testing the limits of their resourcefulness and commitment. With everything, he expressed his pride in their work at ABC 7 where they stood strong when people needed critical information. 

Undoubtedly, the rise of digital media and social platforms has significantly influenced journalism. While Eric has adapted to these changes, he was firm in staying true to the core principles of storytelling. "Technology has accelerated the pace of everyone's reporting, but in the end, storytelling hasn't changed. It's about understanding people and their struggles, hopes, and desire to make a difference," he explains.

Keeping this in mind, he makes sure to always reflect the diverse voices of Chicago in his news coverages. "ABC 7 has one of the most diverse newsrooms in the country, and that diversity is one of our strengths. It helps keep us connected to communities and ensure we're reporting on a broad spectrum of news," he says.

In fact, Eric delights with local journalism as it comes with its unique set of challenges and rewards, especially during significant events or crises. Eric points out that local reporters, unlike their national counterparts, live within the communities they cover, providing a nuanced perspective that benefits viewers. Eric believes that local journalism plays a crucial role in strengthening communities and fostering civic engagement. "An informed public is more likely to be engaged in their communities and make their voices heard on important issues," he states.

Photo courtesy of Eric Horng

Looking ahead, Eric is excited about the future of journalism and the stories he has yet to explore. "I feel we're at an inflection point in history, a moment both exciting and consequential, and I'm proud and honored to be part of a news organization that's committed to helping people understand what's happening around them," he articulates.

With this, Eric concludes with valuable advice for aspiring journalists aiming to enter the competitive field of broadcast journalism: "Never forget why you became a reporter. Journalism is a profession, but it's also a responsibility. Accuracy and fairness must always be top of mind."

Eric Horng's journey to the newsroom, inspired by his father's passion for news, serves as a testament to the enduring power of storytelling and the vital role of local journalism in upholding truthful information to foster an engaging community.

May 23, 2024

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