Service doesn’t stop especially for nonprofit leaders who try to defy all odds to help their respective beneficiaries. Everyone has their own reason to keep going but only some get to have access to opportunities that can prepare them for organizational challenges. 

AAPI-founded nonprofit organization, Node, therefore established its first-ever Node Institute that aims to scale up organizations through an exclusive network and a set of business training sessions. Node is essentially a hub for individuals to exchange ideas and cultivate a meaningful, lasting change in communities as non-profits. With its institute, it can support AAPI community leaders to achieve their goals through networking, 1-on-1 coaching, mastermind set-up of in-depth discussion with fellow leaders, and grant writing.

Now, why is Node Institute excited and relevant today?

Creating a shared cause amidst distance and uncertainties

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Its interactive sessions that will ultimately build a community can link together ideas and even doses of inspiration for participants. In this challenging time, it’s evident that many people are experiencing their fair share of difficulties which make them pessimistic. Node Institute is more than a business training, but a support system to encourage passionate individuals to pursue their goals that are all for the betterment of the communities that they are part of.

Honing relevant skills to benefit your organization

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You read that right because Node Institute will also be providing executive coaching by  seasoned business executives and entrepreneurs. One of which is grant writing that could help you secure funds for your nonprofit projects. Node knows what nonprofit leaders want and need, being the same space as them. Therefore, their coaching sessions are truly something to watch out for alongside the Masterminds which would allow participants to build deeper connections and try to solve pertinent issues amongst themselves.

Fostering long-term, valuable relationships

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Aside from knowledge, network is power. The Institute will be hosting a professionally-facilitated networking event of all participants that can help them see which areas they have value in and possibly explore areas of collaboration. Joining hands for a shared vision would definitely have a bigger impact on target audiences after all.

These are only some of the reasons why Node Institute is making some noise among nonprofit leaders. There are already 18 selected participants who will get to experience the power of Node--growth and connectivity. To know more about this initiative, visit Node’s official Facebook group or

Oct 28, 2021

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