Earlier this month, McDonald’s announced their Year of the Dragon Tote Bag Arts Contest in hopes of finding three bright artists that will adorn Chicago with their artistic interpretation of this significant event.

For the past weeks, fiery scales and mighty wings soared across canvases. Filled with vibrant colors and imaginative interpretations, Chicago artists brought the mythical dragon to life through their works, showing their appreciation for the cultural occasion.

Above all hopeful participants, three teen artists rose above and captivated the judges with their unique and inspiring pieces!

Now, the wait is over – we're thrilled to reveal the winning artworks and celebrate the artistic skills of our talented young winners!

Claire Nguyen

13 years old
Title: Dragon Friends // 3 dragons enjoying Happy Meals in Chicago

Title: Dragon Friends

Destinee Truong

14 years old
Title: AMOAdragoncontest Submission // Cartoony / Simple Dragon sort of around the McDonalds “M.”

Title: AMOAdragoncontest Submission

Sophiea Alexa Taroy

14 years old
Title: Year of The dragon // Year of the dragon

Title: Year of The dragon

Each winner will receive a $250 gift card, a McDonald's prize box, and the honor of having their artwork featured on our social media channels and printed on custom tote bags which will be distributed at various events this summer, including the Chinatown Summer Fair.

As the event has now come to a close, we would like to thank all the participants for sharing with us their visions, and reminding us of the boundless talent that the future generation holds. May this year's competition inspire young artists to explore their creativity and to use it to celebrate important traditional events like this one.

May this contest not be the last. We look forward to seeing your works in many more avenues.

Please stay tuned for future art contests where you can showcase your artistic talents!


Jun 30, 2024

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