Chris and I are childhood friends, dance teammates, and community pharmacists. While we grew up in different areas of Chicago, we both shared the experience of being among the few Asian kids in our schools. Struggling to fit in, we always sought ways to connect with our culture. Visiting boba (also known as bubble tea) shops became a way for us to embrace our Asian American identity and boost our confidence—a sentiment that remains true today. Despite achieving the stereotypical immigrant “American Dream” of becoming doctors, we've chosen to forge our own path. Our goal is to create a haven that bridges cultural gaps and fosters community spirit. This led us to establish our boba venture, Amber Agave, gaining popularity through pop-ups and catering events across Chicagoland. Now, we're excited to expand our passion for boba with our very first brick-and-mortar location, aiming to make it a welcoming destination for individuals from all walks of life. Our belief is simple: boba is more than a drink; it's a cultural phenomenon that unites people. Our café is designed to bring diverse individuals together over a delicious beverage, nurturing a profound sense of belonging.

Naturally Sweetened: Agave Nectar in Our Delightful Brews

Body Paragraphs:Our milk teas and tapioca pearls are lovingly sweetened with agave nectar, a natural plant-based alternative to sugar. This vegan and organic sweetener offers heightened sweetness, allowing us to use less while retaining flavor. Significantly lower in glucose content (with a lower glycemic index value), agave nectar is absorbed gradually into the bloodstream, preventing sudden spikes in blood sugar levels. Beyond its health benefits, agave nectar harmonizes perfectly with our boba concoctions. This delectable nectar, coincidentally amber in hue, is poised to become the heart of our beverages.

Exemplary Ingredients and Sustainable Practices Define Us

Our pride lies in the use of high-quality ingredients and sustainable practices. We are honored to serve US Boba, the pioneer in boba production outside Taiwan. Crafted in California using meticulous methods, these small-batch tapioca pearls epitomize freshness and consistency. Furthermore, they are gluten-free, non-GMO, and offer a top-tier taste and texture. Embracing eco-friendliness, we've chosen bamboo fiber straws. These biodegradable straws are not only derived from a renewable source but also stand resilient against varying temperatures, ensuring a prolonged, sturdy, and soggy-free sipping experience.

As we finalize our brick-and-mortar location in Chicago's vibrant Wicker Park neighborhood, we face hurdles in securing funding. Traditional bank loans have been less supportive of ventures like ours. To materialize our dreams and aspirations, we seek your support. By joining our Kickstarter campaign, you contribute to a shared vision of uniting communities through culture and creativity. We are staunch advocates of diversity and inclusion, redefining the essence of boba—a beverage that knows no boundaries. Together, let's champion #betterboba for our community!


Aug 24, 2023

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