Benefit events can sometimes feel intimidating, being surrounded by people who can consistently and confidently give a lot. A place where participants are often leaders of causes with connections to people far and wide.

For a normal person who only happens to be free that day and have stashed an ample amount of money to spare, that may feel overwhelming–like Cinderella wearing a gown for a night so she could fit in with the extravagance of the Prince’s Ball.

But this isn't a fairytale. In real life, these leaders and partners aren’t there to lavishly socialize. They are there for the cause. In this case, Apna Ghar’s 2023 Spring Benefit is for their mission to end gender violence.

However, a benefit event is not a “Hello, Donate, Goodbye” scenario. It isn’t a one-way street to raise funds. One might ask, “What’s in it for me?” We’re here to answer how this is also for YOU.

It supports your community

Apna Ghar’s 2023 Spring Benefit happening on May 6, 2023 at 6PM will be joined by community partners, civic and corporate leaders, and activists at Venue West. Being surrounded by the non-profit community as well as like-minded individuals can help us understand what they are fighting for. These people are community-driven individuals who work for causes that also benefit you. Supporting benefit events also support the community you belong to.

It benefits your cause

If you feel strongly against gender violence, then Apna Ghar’s 2023 Spring Benefit is one way to give support. Apna Ghar is an organization that “provides critical, comprehensive, culturally competent services, and conducts outreach and advocacy across communities to end gender violence.” Their 2023 Spring Benefit is one of their many avenues of fundraising to keep their services going. The event will have the golden ticket raffle, live and silent auctions, and paddle raise. Even only attending this benefit event, you are already ensuring that their mission goes on.

You will also enjoy the night!

The 2023 Spring Benefit will include a cocktail reception and seated dinner. It will be attended by a special guest, Jenny Vyas, a talented local artist who will graciously share her artwork and dedication to Apna Ghar's mission. It will also have exciting performances by Woori Sori, an all-women Korean percussion group, and DJ Taz. Above all, this is a night of celebration in support of Apna Ghar’s continuous mission.

We all have things that we are fighting for. With the world’s current state, it’s not surprising if our catalogs have become unfortunately long. At the end of the day, whether ending gender violence is at the top of your list or not, this event will benefit all who attended–the guests, the organizers, the volunteers, and more importantly, the cause.

In benefit events, no one gets the shorter end of the stick. So regardless of your economic status, number of followers on your social media accounts, or how much money you can give–we highly recommend joining benefit events. How about starting at Apna Ghar’s 2023 Spring Benefit? See you there!


Apr 19, 2023

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